The work we do as Narrative Therapists is creative and exciting

And as we all know - there are times when our therapy practice can also become quite stale and isolating. has found the solution by creating in depth study courses along with Live interactive supervision and interviews with the world’s most experienced Narrative teachers, trainers and supervisors.

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  • ELin
    Elin Bjøru. Team Leader: National Team for Conflicted Couples, Norway

    I just love it!!!!! But be warned - is addictive!

  • download-1
    Laurie Markham.Co-author: Narrative Therapy in Wonderland, USA

    On behalf of a younger generation of narrative therapists, thank you! I can’t believe what an incredible resource this is! We could spend every day of the rest of our lives watching TCTV and still not run out of material.

  • Helene
    Helene Grau Kristensen. Co-Director: Narrativ Praksis. Copenhagen, Denmark

    I love! is so similar to the experience I had when I was participating in so many Michael White workshops!

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