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Narrative Therapy anytime/anywhere (Memberships are 1/2 the daily cost of one really bad cup of coffee)

Please enjoy one free narrative therapy module before you join us on the other side

By completing this learning stream, you will learn:

  • Ideological and ethical foundations of narrative therapy practice
  •  Relational externalizing questions – as they developed through time
  • The coherency between narrative therapy practice questions and post-structural theory
  • Vocabularies of experience and the politics of co-research
  • Historical workshop handouts
  • Live session video example

You will develop greater understanding of:

  • Theoretical knowledge crucial to understanding narrative therapy practice
  • Non-structuralist/non-individualist ideas in support of narrative therapy
  • Specific narrative therapy interviewing methods
  • Questioning in the landscapes of action and identity
  • Re-authoing lives and relationship questions
  • Differences between narrative therapy practice and practices supporting internal state psychology and humanism


TCTV.live Narrative Practice