Q: Can I get a receipt for my payment?

A: An official receipt is given through Stripe after you sign up.

Q: If I paid by Stripe, does this mean that I’m registered as a member?

A: Yes, when you pay by Stripe, TCTV.live receives a direct confirmation that you have paid and you are immediately registered.

Q: Is there anything else that I need to do once I have registered?

A: Nothing at all! We do however suggest you follow along the curated course and lesson order.

Q: Do I get a certificate after completing the training courses?

A: Yes, the TCTV.live automatically presents you with a certificate.

Q: Is there a refund policy at TCTV.live once I have paid?

A: No. We have discontinued the practice of offering refunds.

Q: Do you have a student rate?

A: Yes, we do offer a student rate ( https://tctv.live/membership/)

Q: Do you have a university rate for professors and their students in their classrooms?

A:  If you are a Professor considering the use of TCTV.live in your classroom, please contact the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy at 604-688-7860 for more information and to set up an interview. Thanks.

Q: What time does TCTV.live operate each day?

A: TCTV.live is live to its members 24/7

Q:  Is membership in TCTV.live open to everyone?

A: TCTV.live is NOT open to everyone. You must be a licence professional therapist/psychologist/social worker/counsellor, a student in an accredited mental health program, or a narrative therapy trainer.

Q:  Is it advisable to become a member without having a background in Narrative Therapy?

A: Yes! TCTV.live is a great opportunity for therapists or students interested in learning more about Narrative Therapy and a way to connect with other like minded people in this community.

I submitted by payment, and haven't received my email login and password!

We’re so excited to have you join us! Username login and passwords can sometimes get lost! Please check your junk mail, and if you haven’t received anything within 10 minutes, please contact as help@tctv.live



Where can I find my completed course certificates?

Your course certificates may be found on the My Courses page (https://tctv.live/)

Click on the ” Completed Courses” tab under the “My Courses” title. In the subsequent page, you will find all the courses you have completed, and below every course, a “View Certificate” button.

Clicking ” View Certificate” will open up a new window or tab with your certificate. You can print it from here, or save it to pdf by hovering over the image of the certificate, which will bring up a gray box at the bottom of the page, with an option to download as a pdf ( the image of the computer with an error pointing down).

Can I pay in Euro's?

Payments are registered in US dollars.